QR Code

Want people to download your app or promote your website at a networking event or want to share your location or contact card or share coupons?

You can print QR codes on our air freshener and get people to scan them to save your contact, open google maps locations, download apps, access coupons, etc. You can individually customize your messages too.

Suitable for any companies with 200 or more customers.

Other Offrings


Gone are the days of sending out invitation cards traditionally which either end up being misplaced somewhere just at the right time and do not sync into the schedule of your invite..

Festival Wishes

Do you really want to stand out or just be another WhatsApp broadcaster who forwards festival wishes to everyone in their list?

Further, Whatsapp is limited to only 5 mess..

Office Reminders

Are you an HR or admin manager who wants to pass on simple instructions?

The A4 printouts look too weird in your perfectly decorated office. Our air freshener spreads good..


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Office Motivation

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CSR Campaign

Run CSR campaigns for your employees with Traffic Police or Government with promotional messages like:

1. Don't break the signal

2. I park proper