Annual Combo

We have an attractive annual package wherein we bring your customer acquisition cost down to as low as Rs. 1.6/client/day. (Rs. 600/client/year)

These remain in front of your clients all the time and hence, our slogan is Khushbu aati rahegi, yaad dilaati rahegi.

All you need to do is share your client contact details including address - we shall send them on a regular basis a customised air freshener with your branding every month.

We have all types of fragrances like choco musk, lavender, lemon grass, pina colada, vanilla, citrus, rose, black forest etc.

Our fragrances serve as a brilliant way for customer to think of you and thank you every month as they receive a newer piece.

Super Scent

Hitesh Patel


H.P.Industries, Blue Iris, V-Block, 3rd Floor, 302,
Opp. RAF Campus, S.P.Ring Road, Vastral,
Ahmedabad - 382418

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Why choose Super Scent to market to your customers?

Super Scent® is an innovative fresh air of marketing against those digital mass forwards that you’ve been broadcasting and don’t make your customers feel important.
  • Lowest cost of outreach
  • Regular reminder
  • Strong visibility of your brand
  • Personalization of your message